And so there’s many temples in this city too. Check out the churches and the temples. Its a pretty interesting walk to do the church and temples walk through Macau. Boy, and let me tell you, if you like incense, (inhales) the smell of incense, the look of incense, or pictures of incense you will love the inside of some of these temples.

So when I said you can’t go in this church, I mean you can go in the ruins, this is the ruins of St. Paul, there used to be a church here. It burned down three times and that’s all that’s left. That’s all that’s left. This is a classic sight in Macau. The best place to take that Instagram photo, or if your getting engaged to take your engagement photos here too.

Before you go to Macau you should know about the food. Traditional Macanese food a fusion between Portuguese food and Cantonese food. Dating back over 400 years of history, it is often considered the world’s first fusion food.

Of course you will find a lot of good high-end Chinese food here as well. You will find those in the casinos. Mmmm, I am drinking Hong Kong milk tea, a lot of influence from Hong Kong but definitely when you are in the old city center, the old portuguese part, check out some of the Portuguese-Cantonese fusion restaurants. Something super popular to get in Macau is the pork chop bun. If you were getting this in Portugal, it would be called a bifana.

We have had them in Portugal, but here is how they taste here, there is a bunch of little stalls that sell these, the one we are at is called Tai Lei Loi Kei and it is right in front of the Ruins of St. Paul. This one is on a regular Portuguese-style bun. They can also do it on a croissant, right here, or they can do it on a pineapple bun, which is a Hong Kong specialty, but they were sold out of those, so lets give this a go!

Mmmm. That’s pretty good. Its a thin slice of pork chop, the pork chop is lightly breaded.

Its a nice fluffy bun, it’s hot. Pretty delicious. A good afternoon pick-me up. Around a bunch of super touristy things around St. Paul’s. Check this place out.

When you come to Macau you need to get an egg tart, or known as a Nata. A Pastei de Nata, it is a portuguese colony after all! And these are Portuguese egg tarts. If you have been to dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong, or dim sum restaurants in the world you will see egg tarts sometimes referred to as dan tat, egg tart. But they came from here, they came from Macau. This is what popularized it.

There’s two stores that made it popular, Lord Stow’s which is the original, and right now I am at Margaret’s Cafe e Nata. Husband and wife team. The wife runs this store now. And you get these egg tarts, they are hot, they form a long line, this is a busy popular place.

Don’t come on Wednesdays, because they are closed on Wednesdays, And you can, mm, get a fresh flakey egg tart out on the street. Mm. See how flakey it is, its fresh.

And if you have egg tarts that aren’t fresh they kinda all stick together, but mmm, a hot fresh one, mmm, kinda taste like an egg custard in a crispy croissant. Definitely worth your time. And the wait? We only waited, mm, five, seven minutes in line, but just know how many you want to order when you get to the front, they really want to keep that line moving. 10 Hong Kong dollars of Macau pataca each, which is about $1.25 US.

To taste some of the original original egg tarts in Macau, visit Lord Stow’s Bakery, its right there. That’s the original location. We are not there, we are at the Venetian Hotel where they have a location with the egg tarts.

These cost a little more than at the other place, these were 12 Macau patacas. There’s Lord Stow right there, he looks like a pretty friendly guy doesn’t he. With a lot of egg tarts. So lets give these a try and see how they compare. Warm, buttery, flakey. I feel like this one might be a little bit more buttery than the other one.

Its a little warmer, but if you blindfolded me and gave me a taste test, I am not sure that I could tell the difference. I will give Lord Stow’s a plus because the location is nicer. And if you take a look over there, it’s in the Venetian, and you can actually see the Venetian shops off in the distance. A little bit nicer than that middle of Macau weird, apartment complex eating area. Before you go to Macau, you should know about spitting because many of the visitors will be here from Mainland China you will here a regular (spits).

You might hear that right into your neck, you might see that right into a trash can, But if you hear (hacks) it’s a sound you will here quite a bit cause they’re just spitting, it’s okay. It happens all the time in Macau. In Hong Kong they’re not to happy if you do that on the street, but you will hear it here. And the last thing to know is that we’ve got more videos if your coming to Macau or Hong Kong, you’ll find links in the description below. Or you can click this one or this one to watch some more of our videos from this series. Are you still rolling?

Are you still rolling? I think we’re done We’re done.